The sketch project is a stage of architectural and construction design. At this stage, the initial design of the facility is carried out, which allows to determine the main features of the building, its planning and appearance. That is, the sketch project allows the Customer to get a detailed idea of the finished version of the construction, to see the descriptions of the interior planning of the floors and the exterior of the house in full.

The documents submitted in the sketch project are relatively small and are developed for direct approval by the Customer. At this stage, if necessary, it is planned to make adjustments to the design of the building or to choose from several options of the project. Once the sketch project of the house is accepted and approved by the Client, it becomes the basis for further, more detailed design work.

Sketch projects are the initial stage of design and are not approved by the state control bodies, but without this initial stage of work, further and more important design is impossible, because the main parameters of the future object are determined at this stage: its architecture, style, appearance and interior planning.