Sequence of work on the design project

Let's take a look at the main stages to give a clear idea of how to develop and implement a design project in our studio

Preparation of terms of reference

We collect all the necessary information when communicating with you:
Your personal meeting, important points, your taste and lifestyle, technical conditions and features of the object. The detailed technical task allows us to implement the project faster without unnecessary changes, and we save time during the design phase.

Development of a planning solution

At this stage, the work that is convenient for you – detailed planning is done and agreed with you for further implementation…

Concept – sketch

We will develop the concept of the interior, we will offer you a color solution, three-dimensional solutions in the interior. We will choose furniture and materials in the concept, we will decide with you on the decoration materials, furniture and plumbing products to determine the basic set.

Project visualization

In the 3D visualization stage, you will be able to represent your future interior in photorealistic images, as well as evaluate the compatibility of style, color scheme, materials, furniture and decor.

 Visualization is provided along with a selection of furniture and materials. So you will see the selected products separately and together.